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Welcome, my name is Tim Martin.  I am a fifth generation Idahoan.  I have spent my entire life here in Idaho although I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada.  Of all the places I have been there is no place I’d rather be than here in the Boise Basin.

If you have spent much time in the Boise Basin you would recognize me as the Boise Basin bagpiper.  I have piped in the Idaho City Fourth of July Parade for many years.  I do this to commemorate the first Fourth of July Parade that took place in Idaho City in 1864.  That first parade was led by a bagpiper who is unknown to this day.

I have also bagpiped at the funerals of many Basin residents including Deputy Sheriff Stephen Bowers and long time resident Manetta Shrite.  Almost every branch of my family came from Scotland.

You may see me with my dog Charlie, driving my 1959 Dodge Power Wagon on the back roads of the basin.   
   Photo by M.E Martin
I have spent much of my life in the mountains of Boise County, particularly in the Boise Basin.  Our family cabin was on Mores Creek north of Idaho City.  My great-grandfather and my grandfather built the log house that still stands.  Later my grandfather built onto that log cabin to make room for future generations.  The place is still in our family, owned by my widowed mother.  I have many memories of life there.  We hunted, we explored, we went to church and we learned to love the people of the area.
I hope that you find this history of the Boise Basin interesting and informative.  It is the history of real Idahoans.
        Photo by author
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